Zoey Johnson and Heron Preston

Grown-ish is without a doubt one of the hottest shows on television at the moment. Zoey Johnson, like most real life college students, is just trying to figure this shit out. She's making friends, waking up late for class, and falling into the inevatiable trap that is, the "U up?" text.

In episode three, Zoey is trying to play the field, but ends up failing miserably. Aaron, played by Trevor Jackson, compliments Zoey's shirt, and In an attempt to get Aaron's attention, she proceeds to tell him that her shirt is a Heron Preston, a Black designer who has worked with many people such as Kanye West and Virgil Abloh.

Since Aaron is a stan for all things Black, Zoey thought this might have been an ice breaker for her and Aaron's "relationship". That is until, a Zoey Johnson look a like stole the show.


Now this shirt is not guaranteed to make the guy of your dreams fall in love with you, but it will make you as fly as Zoey Johnson.

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