Why Lil Yachty's "Bring It Back" is a Cinematic Masterpiece

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

If you don't like da boat, don't listen to him. I, on the other hand, am a fan of the red-headed Miles McCollum. He just recently,  dropped his debut album, Teenage Emotions. It is already heavy in my Apple Music rotation and my favorite tracks include: "Like A Star", naturally, "Peek a Boo", "X Men", "Priorities", "Made of Glass", and "Bring It Back". 

Not only is "Bring It Back" one of my favorite tracks, it is also one of my favorite videos from Yachty. I love how youthful this song sounds, and how he creates his own sound effects during the chorus. In his own way, Yachty expresses the emotion of missing somebody that you love being around. Whether you are in a relationship with that person or not, their presence makes you happy and missing them sucks. 

Now on to the video. For lack of better words, this video was so cute. And not the petty use of the word cute, but actually cute. I loved the theme and the use of his friends: Erron, Kodie, Mitch, Earl, BYou, JBan$, and of course, Perry. You see nothing but positivity and people having fun throughout the entire video. 

  • #BlackLove: I loved how everybody had a black girl as their prom date. Many people might ask, "Why does that matter?" Well, in a world where black male artists write about their past romantic rendezvous, they are usually speaking about their experiences with black women. Visually, it is a great form of representation for Yachty's fans of many different backgrounds to see the love that he and his friends have for black women. 

  • #TooCool4School: Seeing Coach K play around and dress up as the DJ for the prom was a sight to see. It shows that he is a manager that is fully invested in watching Lil Yachty and The Sailing Team grow. He isn't too cool to get in there and be goofy with the crew and their shenanigans. 

  • #Colors: The theme of the video, and the prom having an 80's vibe was spot on to the beat of the song. It gave our generation a look at what prom was like for our parents, and how they have no business trying to tell us what to wear. They really took it there with the outfits as well. It was so retro that you almost forgot that Yachty was wearing contemporary Gucci sunglasses. This entire video reminds me of cotton candy and bubble gum. I bet the set smelled like a pack of Bubbalicious. 

Yachty is his normal goofy self throughout the video standing on top of the table and ruining all of the prom dessert. In the end, Lil Boat gets the girl and drives off in the Yachty McFly (the DeLorean). 

The colors were beautiful. The theme was amazing. It felt authentic and was very creative. That's all folks, 👋🏾.

Watch "Bring It Back" here

original post - 5.28.17

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