Which of our favorite black sitcom characters describes your summer ?

Summer is the time to live your best life by traveling, securing the bag, finding a boo (or not), spending time with friends, eating amazing food, and listening to good music. However, sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.

We have compiled a list of "Summer Moods" with our favorite black sitcom characters that describes what kind of summer you're having.


Zoey is having the complete opposite of a "Hot Girl Summer". She's hella stressed with school, finances, problems with her squad, and boyfriend issues. She's used to things typically going her way and being in control of situations. Now that things are falling apart she is completely losing her shit. Are you Zoey?


Season 1 and Season 2 Issa was a bit messy, but Season 3 Issa seems to have her shit under control. After sleeping on her ex f*** buddy couch, saving her money, getting over her ex, and quitting her awful job she finally has a grip on her life and is prospering. She has her own place, working for herself, and has a cute little boo on the side. Things have truly shifted for Issa.. D*** on W, bank account on W, life on W. I think its safe to say that she's having a 'Hot Girl Summer'. Are you Issa?

3. Regine Hunter - "Living Single"

Before the City Girls were the City Girls there was Regine Hunter the original 'City Girl'. Regine is the ULTIMATE finesser. She manages to use her looks to get men to pay for the upkeep of her nails, lashes, hair, vacations, and clothes. However, Regine is a boss and capable of providing for herself -- she just enjoys using what she has to get what she wants. There isn't a day that you'll see her not wearing couture or designer, smelling like Chanel, and with a full face of makeup. She is simply the "It Girl". Are you Regine?

4. Whitley Gilbert - "A Different World"

If you're interning somewhere that you thought would be your dream internship and it's actually not then you're Whitley Gilbert. You imagined it would be perfect and that you would learn so much, put it on your resume, and even earn a full time position for when you graduate from college. While day dreaming at your internship you can't wait for it to be over so you can get back to campus and love on your boo that isn't technically your boo but you call him that anyways. Are you Whitley?

5. Lynn Searcy - "Girlfriends"

It's summer time and all you really want to do is listen to reggae music, thrift shop, do odd jobs to make some cash, and vibe out on the beach. Lynn Searcy takes the throne for being extremely educated and equally laid back. She doesn't take much of anything too serious and likes to simply relax. Playing the guitar, wearing linen pants, and smoking ganja is Lynn's idea of a great summer day. Are you Lynn?

6. Moesha Mitchell - "Moesha"

It's summer and you feel as though you can embark on a journey of freedom because you think you're grown. However, your overbearing dad and annoying little brother continuously gets in the way of you living your best life. At this point, like Moesha you resort in sneaking out to see your summer boo and kick it with friends past your curfew. Are you Moesha?

7. Gina Waters - "Martin"

Gina has it all : the man, the career, the bestie, the list goes on. She's strong, independent, full of love, full of life, and doing her damn thing in corporate america. She is truly the epitome of being able to balance it all and having everything she wants in life. Her summer isn't slowed down by her man, job, or homegirls because she's going to do whatever she wants anyways. Are you Gina?

8. Melanie Barnes - "The Game"

You're so immersed with your significant other and their dreams that you've forgot all about your own goals that you set for yourself this summer. Like Melanie, you've became your boo's second hand meanwhile they aren't interested in what you have a passion for. You don't even realize that your life is so wrapped up and consumed with theirs that you forget all about yourself. It's time to play some City Girls and remember who you are. Are you Melanie?

9. Raven Baxter - "Thats So Raven"

Raven is notorious for exploring and busting a ton of missions with her homies. If she's not working at her family's restaurant working she's with her squad eating good food, trying to shoot her shot at a cutie, and going on adventures. If your summer is filled with wild nights with your homies then you may be Raven.

10. Ashley Banks - "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

You're the youngest in the family or seen as the baby and you've finally reached the peak of your sexuality and you're using this summer to re-invent yourself. Whether that's through your art, love life, or life experiences. This part of your life is dedicated to you and your transcendence of a young woman and this summer you're grabbing life by its balls and now allowing anything to hinder your growth. Are you Ashley?

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