When Hip-Hop Pays Homage to Black Hollywood

Bruno Mars and Cardi B kicked the music video game off to a high start with the release of the Finesse (Remix) music video on January 3rd. If you love television, or just love to laugh, before the ending credits, you would have known that Bruno and Cardi were showing love to one of the livest shows that came out in the 90s - In Living Color.

In recent years, many artists have begun to pay homage to television shows and movies that they have grown up on and that have helped to shape the culture.

We cannot forget the fiya-ness 🔥 that is Big Sean's "Play No Games" music video that released in 2015. It paid homage to some of the most iconic scenes and characters from FOX's hit television show, Martin. Everything from boxing night, to Roscoe, and even the real life Bruh-Man made an appearance. At the end of the video, they even got a co-sign from the man himself, Martin Lawrence.

When QC's latest artist, Lil Baby released the video for his hit single, "My Dawg" he showed a scene from Menace II Society in which Kaine was whipping up that work in the kitchen.

Another huge music-television moment was during Playboi Carti un-official milly rock anthem, Magnolia. Pierre Bourne, a producer friend of Carti's, did his research and got this great audio grab from Jamie Foxx's, The Jamie Foxx show in which Fox said his name that set off the beginning of Carti's Magnolia.

Why are these finds interesting? Well, Black movies typically do not move like Black music. Hip-hop reigns supreme. Everybody knows every rapper and every song that they have ever made. There are fan pages and cult followings dedicated to individuals who come up with the most creative, melodic, and life-changing pieces of art that make an impact on our lives. Often times, movies with a majority Black cast are not shown the same love. There is no prominent and outrageous fanfare over these individuals. When Black artists show the world that Black shows are just as important as Black music, new fans arise and more love is shown to these iconic shows and cinematic art forms. 

original post - 1.5.18

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