"What Thea Wants" Hilariously Highlights Dating In 2019

What Thea Wants is a short film written and starring Clark Atlanta University Alum, Kiyawna Mckenzie while being directed by CAU's own, Tre Hazelwood. The main character, Thea, and her group of friends gather around and discuss the trials and tribulations of dating in 2019. Between men giving out STDs and not opening doors for women, as depicted in the film, Atlanta obviously has a shortage of viable bachelors who continuously choose to not act right.

After going to the park with her friends to spy on a potential love interest, Thea finds herself in a predicament that many women have been in before. Fine woman, meets fine man. Fine woman finds out fine man has a girlfriend.

Hopefully we can continue to see Thea and her friends hilariously tackle more of Black millennials' everyday life.

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