Video Of The Moment - Bobby Brown "Humpin' Around"

Every once in a wild while browsing on YouTube, you will inevitably fall into a rabbit hole of suggested videos. Whether the video is music from an artist you've heard of, or a conspiracy theorist telling you why aliens are real, you are bound to be educated on a subject or piece of art you've never experienced.

In today's rabbit hole excursion, we ran across the video to Bobby Brown's, 'Humpin' Around'. After dropping his biopic last week on BET, people have been diving deeper into Bobby's past including exploring his relationship with Janet Jackson, watching old episodes of Being Bobby Brown, and of course, listening to his music.

In the 'Humpin' Around' video, we see Bobby and his posse in the beginning rep HBCUs in their AACA hoodies, dance and sing in an underground to a private audience, and of course it wouldn't be a Bobby video if he didn't have the ladies. Watch the video to 'Humpin' Around' below.

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