Tyler, The Creator Teases New Music

Tyler, The Creator is known to take a hiatus from music on focus on projects that he is passionate about including fashion, television, and enjoying the fruits of his labor; like buying jewelry and riding around in McClarens. But the "Flower Boy" rapper is back with new music and a creative prowess that makes us remember why he is the king of people doing what they want to do.


Since posting the first teaser on Instagram Wednesday, Tyler has already amassed 2.5 million views. The video video features a blonde hi-top Tyler rocking a pick in his hair, while in a choir formation. Each version of him is doing something different, but they are all different versions of T.

Today's teaser features Tyler dong his own version of karate, in a wig, on the set of a talk show. Much like how Flower Boy was a surprise, this upcoming project feels like that as well. Either way, fans are awaiting the arrival of a brand new Tyler, The Creator project.

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