Tyler, The Creator + A$AP Rocky Rap In Front Of The Eiffel Tower In New Video For - "POTATO SALAD"


Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky have been hanging out together for quite sometime now. After going on tour together in 2015, and Rocky hopping on Tyler's recent album - Scum Fuck Flower Boy, it was damn near guaranteed that these two were going to collaborate together, again. In their recent partnership, Tyler and Rocky take their creativity to Paris, France, where they rap in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Tyler's verses contain antidotes of his creatively extensive jewelry collection as well as his love of buying real estate.

Rocky also seems to come at haters that stay on his head about rocking purses when according to Rocky - "it's a satchel". It does not matter what it is, those bags are Chanel and Goyard.

Tyler and Rocky also hint that a collaborative album, WangSap might be in the works. Watch the video for "POTATO SALAD" that also features Jaden Smith, below.

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