Trevor Jackson Makes Us Melt With His Video For "Puddles"

Aaron Jackson, Trevor Jackson, Mr. Jackson if you're...anyway, it does not matter how you know Trevor Jackson, it's just a good thing that you know him. He can act, sing, dance, play guitar, and recently, he has thrown directing under his belt of things that he is bound to master. When he isn't starring as Aaron Jackson in Freeform's comedy, "Grown-ish", he is sweeping us off of our feet as Trevor Jackson, the singer. In his recent video for his song "Puddles", we see Trevor surfing which happens to be one of his favorite pastimes as well as singing and playing the guitar shirtless, while slowly but surely giving us Prince vibes.

It is not yet confirmed, but it seems as though "Puddles" is one of the newest singles off of Jackson's upcoming project, Rough Drafts Pt. 2. In February, he also released the song and visual for his track, "Warning". Like the "Warning" video, Jackson directed the visual for "Puddles" as well, along with his co-director, Zev York. Check out the video to Jackson's, "Puddles" below.

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