Top 5 Ice Cube Movies Of All-Time

Today, the rap veteran and movie mogul turns 53 years old. In addition to his classic bars, Cube also has classic films. Ice Cube has a total of 80 something acting credits including his classic role in the Friday series as Craig Jones. He's been in multiple action, comedy, and dramatic roles throughout his 30+ year career. Below we ranked Ice Cube's best five films. Did yours make the list?

1. Friday After Next (2002)

Craig Jones

Ice Cube stars as Craig Jones in the third installment of the Friday series, Friday After Next. Third times the charm, and Cube definitely delivered this time around playing Craig. He was beyond grounded in who Craig was as a person, and when it came time for Day Day to show his ass, Craig standed firm in what Craig does and made sure that all was smoke-acetic.

2. The Player's Club (1998)

Jamie Foxx and Ice Cube, directing.

The Player's Club is Ice Cube's one and only directorial endeavor to this day. The film stars LisaRaye and Bernie Mac with Cube playing the supporting role of Reggie, a pure villian. The film also features a cast full of comedic heavy-hitters; Bernie Mac, Adele Givens, Anthony 'A.J.' Johnson, Faizon Love, and Charlie Murphy,.

3. All About The Benjamins (2002)

No stranger to doing his own stunts, Ice Cube starring in an action film with frequent collaborator Mike Epps just makes sense.

4. Higher Learning (1995)

Fudge, Cube's character in Higher Learning, speaks directly to a part of who Ice Cube is as a person. A Black man trying to make life make sense in a racist world. In part with his character's wisdom, this movie is also top 7 in Ice Cube's filmography because he puts a white boy in his place for calling Regina King's character, Monet, a "Black bitch".

5. Boyz N The Hood (1991)

Doughboy was Cube's first acting role, and he came out the gate swinging. The story of him meeting John Singleton and being offered the role of Dougboy was kismet, and ultimately set the course for Ice Cube's takeover in the film indsutry.

Honorable Mention:

Are We There Yet? (2005)

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