Top 10 In Living Color Characters

In Living Color ran on FOX from 1990-1994 and is the brain child of Keenen Ivory Wayans. The show featured colorful sets with even more colorful characters. Every sketch character from In Living Color gave the audience an opportunity to laugh until they passed out. Each character is amazing and deserves to be praised in their own way. This list is in no particular order. If that was the case, this article would not be published due to the fact that I would still be wrestling with my opinion. Here are my top 10 In Living Color sketch characters.

1. Oswald Bates

How could one not appreciate the antithesis of the posterior that is the negroid male in concubine. If that did not make any sense to you, then it is well in good reason that you are not Oswald Bates. Regardless if you were able to understand those misplaced words or not, you are able to appreciate the humor that comes from a man who doesn't understand definitions or sentence structure.

2. Blaine and Antoine

"Men On..." is one of the most legendary sketches from In Living Single. My personal favorite includes Blaine becoming heterosexual after a weighted object falls on his head. It was fun to see Blaine counteract everything that Antoine said. Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier were hilarious in their commentary. I know it had to be difficult to keep a straight face all throughout each sketch.

3. Ugly Girl


"I'm ret ta go." and "I was gone rock his world, too." are iconic lines from the one and only Ugly Girl/Wanda played by the amazingly talented Jamie Foxx. She always overstepped her bounds, was over the top, and very ugly. Oka-heyyy!

4. Homey D.  Clown

Homey's one true wish was to meet The Man, just so he could bop The Man. He accomplished that and so much more as he was responsible for entertaining a group of annoying children every time we saw him. "Homey don't play that" and neither do we.

5. Homeboy Shopping Network


One doesn't know where to begin. Do we talk about how dope their names are, Wiz and the Iceman or the simple fact that they were way more exciting and entertaining than HSN every was. I'm taking a stolen cable dish over an $800 necklace any day. Just "show 'em the ova stuff".

6. The Brothers Brothers

If you have lived enough life, there is a chance that you have met some brothers who do not quite realize that they are in fact, brothas. Damon and Keenen both, ironically, play two brothers named (Uncle) Tom who just do not get it.

7. Anton Jackson

Was it his appearance, his voice, his stance, or his overall grossness that made him memorable? Either way, Anton Jackson is a character you could never forget.

8. Hey Mon

People from the West Indies are known to be hardworking individuals. In true In Living Color fashion, they take it to the top when displaying their daily and various careers. 

9. Head Detective


I think the thing that was the most funniest about this sketch is the simple fact that we took a body-less head serious in his line of work.

10. Handi Man


In today's society, the Handi Man might come off as disrespectful to those that are Handi-cap when in actuality, Damon Wayans was able to portray handicapped people as people who are capable and able to exist and be helpful in society.

These are only 10 characters from In Living Color's entire five series run. Let us know your favorite characters below.

original post - 7.16.17

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