The Top 10 Best Sex Scenes in Black Television/Cinema

Updated: Jun 28

**Mature audience only--- this is for the grown and sexxxy

This is a top 10 countdown of our spiciest, sexiest, and hottest Black television/cinema sex scenes. It is a mixture of slow, passionate, love-making and raw, hot, musty, sex.

#10. Fitz & Liv (Tony Goldwyn & Kerry Washington) "Scandal"

At, "The Film Culture", we do not encourage cheating on significant others whatsoever, however we found Fitz and Liv's passionate, steamy, love-making affair sessions at #10 on our list. It is the perfect combination of soft core mommy p*** and politics. Liv being the strong, outspoken, badass that she is made Fitz risk it all to be with her in any possible way.

#9. Monica & Quincy (Sanaa Lanthan & Omar Epps)

"Love and Basketball"

Our best friends are sometimes are actual soulmates and with Monica and Quincy basketball was the driving force of their friendship and relationship. Monica fell in love with Spalding at a young age, but eventually fell in love with Quincy's charm. Here at, "The Film Culture" we found Monica and Quincy's vulnerable bond and connection at #9 on our list. We all can appreciate a cute consensual losing of virginity scene especially with Maxwell's "This Woman's Work" playing in the background.

#8. Dominic & Lauren (Michael Ealy & Taraji P. Henson)

"Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man"

Dominic had a passion for cooking and Lauren had a passion for being her own woman.. almost not needing nor desiring a man. However, Dominic stepped in and Lauren decided to step down and allow him into her heart and her lady parts. "The Film Culture" ranks this scene #8 due to the romantic gestures and innocence of it all. Dominic knows his way around a kitchen and a woman's heart.. needless to say where's my Dominic 2019?

#7. Issa & Lawrence (Issa Rae & Jay Ellis)


Alright, alright, alrighttttttt now we're starting to get to the juicy stuff. This is a perfect example of post break-up sex where you're yearning for closure.... and a nut. We've all been there before and Issa and Lawrence definitely release all their feels and bodily juices with this one. "The Film Culture" has decided to rank Issa and Lawrence's last hanky panky at #7 because it was quick, fast, and there was nothing special about it besides finally releasing the feelings that they had for each other which most of us can relate to right on our $200 IKEA sofa.

#6. Darius and Nina (Lorenz Tate & Nia Long)

"Love Jones"

Darius smooth talked his way into Nina's perfectly photographed panties with his "Brother to the Night" poem. With both of them being creatives, Darius a poet and Nina a photographer, led to them having truly sensual, sensational, and orgasmic sex. Collectively, "The Film Culture" has placed this scene at #6 because of the burning flame that was instantly ignited between the two.

#5. Issa and Daniel (Issa Rae and Y'Lan Noel)


One of the most iconic sex scenes in television history was between Issa and Daniel on HBO's "Insecure". Some of us may not be well versed in different aspects of sex (which is totally okay) and this scene definitely shows why communication is important. For those that do not know the background behind this scene..Issa is someone who doesn't typically give oral sex. She decided to take a course in how to give oral sex and wanted to show off her new skills to Daniel which was her boo at the moment. Little did she know that Daniel would greatly appreciate her new skills.. on her face. This caused Issa to get HELLA pissed and offended but it was hilarious nonetheless. "The Film Culture" has chosen to rank this scene at #5 due to its reliability and humor. On a serious note, before engaging in consensual sex please take the time out to establish boundaries and communicate about what you like and what you don't like so you can avoid having incidents like this one with your partner(s).

#4. Mary Jane & Man-Of-The-Night (Gabrielle Union)

"Being Mary Jane"

"Being Mary Jane" falls in at #4 on our list, because although Mary Jane had a lot of personal problems... A LOT of personal problems.. she still managed to always get her "issue". Whether, she was sleeping with married men, random men, whoever.. she was going to get hers wherever and whenever she wanted. No matter who she was hooking up with for the night the sex was always fiery, steamy, and lit... period.

#3. Molly and Dro (Yvonne Orji & Sarunas Jackson)


Messy Molly and Dirty Dro is what I have nicknamed this dynamic duo. Molly, is a woman who has a ton of things going on with her mentally and Dro is a man who is in a "open relationship" which confuses Molly for the most part. Molly wants to be in control of her life and not have an emotional tie with Dro since he is married, but it's difficult for her when he f***s her like this and I can't blame sis !!!!! This scene with Molly and Dro falls in at #3 for Saruna's peachy booty and the sexual chemistry between this dynamic duo.

#2. Ghost & Tasha (Omari Hardwick & Naturi Naughton)


James St. Patrick A.K.A Ghost is definitely present and alive when making raw, passionate, nasty, mesmerizing, captivating sex with his wife, Tasha.... and Angela. Tasha and Ghost has had their share of infidelity, but that hasn't taken away from how they have the most unforgettable, pleasurable, and remarkable sex life. For this reason, Ghost and Tasha rolls in at #2 on our list for this pleasing scene.

#1. Lawrence and Tasha (Jay Ellis & Domonique Perry)


There are no if's, and, or, but's about it that this scene has gone down in history as one of--if not the most iconic sex scene in television history. Thirsty Tasha finallyyyy got her a piece of Lawrence.. post break up with his long time boo Issa that is. Now, there is not an ounce of romance in this scene AT ALL but I'm not mad at it. This is purely hot, raw, musty, nasty, degrading, disgusting sex that everyone must try one time in their life even if it's not their thing. By the looks of Thirsty Tasha's face this type of sex is life changing.. so we have decided that this final scene is #1 and it is the best sex scene in Black television/cinema. So, get y'all arches together all 2019.. be protective, get consent (YES MEANS YES AND NO MEANS NO), and have fun!

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