The Return of Aaron McGruder

A disagreement between the creator of The Boondocks series and Turner Broadcasting, that runs Adult Swim, left the original writer out of season 4. McGruder and the company could not find common ground on the shows final season production schedule. Aaron McGruder’s absence from season 4 was noticed with the poor execution and forced concepts. People like me, could not relate to the concepts pushed in season 4. Avid fans of the show would say the last season was not as entertaining or as funny as the other seasons due to the absence of the original creator of the series - Aaron McGruder. In seasons 1-3, McGruder put concepts together that Black people can better relate to like the R Kelly trial, hurricane Katrina, and Obama (becoming President). McGruder was absent due to co-creating another show for Adult Swim, Black Jesus. Season 4 writers poorly executed entertaining concepts.

The Boondocks coming back in 2018 with it's original creator would be powerful for people of color. McGruder can use The Boondocks platform to shine a light on a lot of conversations that are happening behind closed doors, and provide a satirical insight on high profile public matters. We need The Boondocks back to cater to the Black audience. McGruder creates content that we can better relate to. It will allow the world to see the horrible things that are affecting Black people in today's society. The Boondocks was raw and uncut when it came to social issues. Topics such as Trump being our president, Kanye's slavery comment; him supporting Trump, and the constant dehumanization of Black people by law enforcement are topics that can be discussed on a new season of The Boondocks. If the show was to return, I would like to see more relatable topics like seasons 1-3 ("The Garden Party" season 1, "Ballin'" season 2, "The Fried Chicken Flu" season 3). Maybe season 5 can include Michel Cesar, Riley's best friend who never made his debut on the show and more Black celebrities. The return of the show would be major for outlets like Hulu or Netflix. The Boondocks still has a loyal and dedicated fanbase that want more seasons.

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