The Milwaukee Bucks Won't beat the Miami Heat.

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Why the Miami Heat will beat the Milwaukee Bucks!

After Tuesday’s and Saturday’s games The Miami Heat will face the Milwaukee Bucks in the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. The Miami Heat advanced by Sweeping the Indiana Pacers. The Bucks advanced after losing the first game of the series to win the next four and make easy work of the Orlando Magic 4-1.  As both teams advanced with relative ease lets look at how they match up and why Miami has the advantage in the series. The Bucks in the bubble have not always looked like the championship team we saw before the four-month hiatus going just 3-5 in Orlando. Why have not they looked like that dominant team? It could be because of the long layoff, it could be they were just trying to remain healthy for the playoffs but whatever the reason is they have not looked the same. In the one game, Orlando did win what they did was not stop Giannas but they did make Giannis work for everything, and also the supporting cast did not show up. The Bucks second star Khris Middelton scored 14, Brook Lopez scored 5, and Eric scored only 15. Credit to those guys they have stepped up their play in the series, but Khris Middleton has not been at the level of a second star this series. He has scored 14, two yes two points, 17,21, and 21. That will work against the Magic who are injury-riddled and also do not have much shooting potential as they rank 13th in the playoffs for Field Goal percentage at 42.7, but as they go up against Miami he will have to play better. Also in the regular season, the Heat beat the Bucks 2-1. No one has anyone to guard Giannis but the heat does have the defense pieces to contain the Greek Freak. Andre Iguodala, Bam Adebayo, Jae Crowder, and Jimmy Butler can all give Giannis fit with their defensive abilities.

 Also, if you watch the series against the Magic the bucks are giving up perimeter shots and the magic is just not hitting them. The Heat are a much better shooting team than the Magic with Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro, Kelly Olynyk, And Goran Dragic. This team was 2nd in 3pt field goal percentage shooting 37.9 %.

The Heat does have one thing to worry about as Jimmy Butler and his left shoulder which bothered him in game 4 and kept him from playing the second quarter of that game, but the extra three days the players got by boycotting for social justice gave him time to get healthy. If Khris Middleton plays how he did the first three games of the Orlando series, and the shooting of the heat continues to stay hot from the first round, and if they not stop but make Giannis work for everything the Miami Heat will beat the Milwaukee Bucks in 6 or 7 Games.

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