The Greatest Black TV Male Friendships

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

If there is one thing Black men love, it is definitely their friends. Since the beginning of time, if there is anybody for a Black man to count on, his homeboy is one of them. Whether they are blood relatives or not, Black men will refer to their closest friend as their brother. Somebody he can count on and trust. Someone who is dependable and usually down for the adventure. Those are a few of the qualities that turn average friends into brothers. In honor of those characteristics, we made a list of some of our favorite fictional brotherhoods, or bromances, or homeboy/homeboy relationships.

Ron & Dwayne, A Different World


Ron and Dwayne have been best friends since their freshman year of college. Dwayne has protected Ron's name and vice versa. They didn't always see eye to eye on certain situations, and at one point, Ron even "dated" Dwayne's wife. Even at times when Dwayne was down on his luck, Ron was there (like the time where Ron paid Dwayne's phone bill). Their relationship was rocky at some points, but it was never wrecked enough for Dwayne to not make Ron the god-father of his child.

Flex & Duane, One on One

Flex and Duane were more than next door neighbors. Duane always had Flex's back, and even when Flex joked on him, he always knew that Duane was somebody he could count on. Duane is even the proclaimed uncle of Flex's daughter, Breonna.

Lawrence & Chad, Insecure

Who's the first person you're gonna call when you are about to get married and accidentally "cheat" on your wife during your bachelor party? Your homeboy of course. Lawrence and Chad coached each other through heartbreaks and home buyings. Whether it was an ex, a new girl, or a new opportunity, these two always had each others backs.

Kyle & Overton, Living Single

Overton and Kyle were two childhood best friends from Ohio. Even though they were from the same state, they couldn't have grown up any different. Kyle is an Afro-centric, silk boxer wearing stock-broker while Overton on the other hand is an overall sporting handyman who fixes everyday issues. These two look out for each other like brothers. Overton was even the first person to tell Kyle that he is expecting a baby with Max.

Troy & Reggie, Dear White People

You might have never thought that these two opposing forces would ever come together and become friends. One who is a pro-Black militant, and the other, might have been referred to as an Uncle Tom by his cohort. They were both able to put aside their differences and use their own perspectives to fight the good fight.

Marcus & Mo, Smart Guy

If there is one thing Marcus and Mo gone do, it is scheme. Together these two were responsible for getting each other into trouble, just as much as they were responsible for getting each other out of trouble.

Kenan & Kel, Kenan & Kel

There is nothing we love more than a classic 90's duo. Kenan and Kel drug their name through two iconic Nickelodeon series. In fact, they were so iconic that they were able to get their own spin-off television show. These two young Black men brought the laughs and introduced us to one of our earliest examples of Black Boy Joy.

Honorable Mentions: Alfred & Darius, Atlanta Jordan & Tyreke, Sister, Sister Braxton & Jamie, The Jamie Foxx Show
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