Teyana Taylor Is The Newest Music Video Director On The Block

When she isn't being a mommy to the cutest toddler on Earth, being a wife to NBA superstar Iman Shumphert, and making music and walking runways, Teyana Taylor is out here directing music videos as well. After directing the video for the "You're Gonna Love Me (Remix)", Tee has been getting a lot of praise for her work.


With her production company, The Aunties Inc., Teyana and her crew have directed videos for T.I., Ty Dolla $ign, as well as her husband Iman. Her production crew is already making large strides into 2019 with their constant release of visuals. Teyana's fearless approach makes it seamless for her to release visuals that represent every corner of her creativity. Be on the look out for more amazing work from Teyana and her crew, and be sure to continue following her directorial journey on her instagram/aspiketeejoint


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