"Spell", A Horror Movie Starring Omari Hardwick & Loretta Devine Releases Soon

Black people can do just about anything, and that includes taking over the horror genre. Ever since Jordan Peele's 2017 physiological thriller, Get Out released, it seems as though Hollywood has been taking Black people in the horror genre a little more seriously. After all, Get Out made over $250 million at the box office. Investing in Black horror movies seems like a no brainer.

Spell follows Hardwick's character, Marquis, and his family as they are on their way to their father's funeral. After an accident, Marquis is left alone with Ms. Eloise He must escape and find his family before further drama enthuses.

The film is produced by Paramount Pictures and will be available on demand and in select theaters on October 30th.

Watch the trailer for Spell, below.

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