sneaker talk, 👟: Drumline

Like most people who are sneakerheads, or just people who in general, love sneakers, when you see people on television and in movies rocking some noticeable kicks, you cannot help but freak out. Personally, that happens for me a lot. I am extra. I pause the movie, exam the kicks, wonder if the character/actor knows what kind of heat they have on their feet, ask myself, "Why did they let those shoes get so beat up?", and then I un-pause the movie. Drumline, a Black American classic starring Nick Cannon that was released in 2002, featured some very young actors rocking the hottest sneakers around. 2002 does not seem that long ago, but for a generation that is heavily into vintage apparel and thrives off nostalgia, the sneakers that we are about to see will make us wish that we were in the early stages of the Y2K.

Nike Air Force 1 Low, Nike Air Max 97, Nike Cortez

Nike Air Force 1, Nike Air Max TN Plus

Air Jordan 11, Reebok Ex-O-Fit, Air Jordan 11

We hope you were able to see some kicks that have or will hopefully, make a comeback. My personal favorites are between the Air Max 97 and the Jordan 11's. I wear size 10 in mens, if you were wondering. I do not know what it is about sneakers that makes me need them all, but I just know I do. Read back here next time to see what sneakers we talk about next.

original post - 6.21.17

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