Should Lavar Ball Really Be Banned By ESPN?

Since Lavar Ball stepped on the scene with his three boys: Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo, he has not been quiet about their talents and abilities. They went on every sports show imaginable, showed out at every game, and repped their athletic and lifestyle brand, Big Baller Brand, loosely known as triple B's every time they made an appearance. Under the umbrella of Big Baller Brand, LaVar and his business partner, Alan Foster, who reportedly stole $1.5 million from the company, created a water company, professional basketball league, and successful clothing company. On their Facebook Watch show, "Ball In The Family" you can see the family, their close friends, and fans supporting the brand. In the words of LaVar, triple B's is a family brand, and that could not be more evident than in the way their compound donned the apparel in the form of clothes and jewelry.

Once the news about the Alan Foster situation arose, news about a Lonzo Ball trade to the New Orleans Pelicans began to surface. During that time, Lonzo also covered up his Big Baller Brand logo tattoo. It was also reported that he signed to Nike once he left the family brand. With all of this commotion going on, it was by no surprise that LaVar went on ESPN's "First Take" to discuss these matters.

In the clip above, Ball is perceived as making a sexually suggestive remark to interviewer, Molly Qerim. Both Ball and Qerim are married. Subsequently, ESPN decided to ban Ball from all of their programs. The question that we are asking is, should LaVar really be banned from ESPN? This is not the first time that Ball has used the phrase, "switching gears". He has used it on this show during previous appearances. He even made the switching gears motion, such as a trucker might. Unfortunately, situations of Black men being perceived as overtly promiscuous is not new. But in true Ball fashion, we know that him being banned from one network is not going to stop him from speaking out about his family, his sons, or basketball.

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