Response from the Black Community Amid Ahmaud Arbery Case

The Black community has been in an uproar since the video of Ahmaud Arbery death surfaced online. Ahmaud Arbery was a 25 year old African American male who was followed by two white men and fatally shot on Sunday, February 23, 2020 as he was jogging in a Georgia neighborhood. The two District Attorney's originally on the case stepped down, causing the case to be swept under the rug. His death wouldn't have received any attention had it not been for the help of Shaun King, a civil rights activist who first posted the video on Twitter, sparking outrage around the world leading to Arbery's case gaining recognition again. The black community took to Instagram and other platforms to show their support and honor Ahmaud Arbery.

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In support of Ahmaud Arbery, Shaun King took to his Instagram and other social media accounts the hashtag #RunWithMaud. He explains how people should wear a white t-shirt in his honor and how the walk/run is a form of protest and solidarity. King then took things a step further by encouraging everyone to sign a petition that will be emailed to decision makers around the country. His activism has heavily influenced the progress of Ahmaud's case. In the third picture, King talks about the privilege of whites. He asks us to imagine if the roles were reversed and how society would react.

via Instagram: themelaninshaderoom

via Instagram: themelaninshaderoom

A picture surfaced on the internet showing armed Black Panthers going to the neighborhood of where Ahmaud was murdered to protect the protestors. We see in society how whites can protest with guns and not have consequences while blacks protest peacefully and police have an uproar. The black panther showing up to protect the protestors show how they feel as though they should protect their own because America won't.

The case of Ahmaud Arbery not only shows the continuance of a failed justice system, but how being Black in America is a crime within itself.

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