RANKED: A Different World Couples

A Different World was not only able to show the world how amazingly talented and sophisticated Black people are, they were also able to show the world how amazing our love for each other is. There were many couples that appeared on A Different World. Read below some of our favorites and you choose the best.

16. Jaleesa & Lamar

Lamar made Jalessa's life a living hell. The night she dropped him for real, is the night she became a better woman.


15. Kim & Robert

Robert was literally the worst. 


14. Dwayne & Kinu

Karrot? Karletha? gottaKatchumall? Who knows and who cares. Literally the worst couple of all time. Kinu was trash, and she was super trash when she tried to play Dwayne in season 6. Ultimately, we are glad they did not prosper as a couple.


13. Jaleesa & Col. Taylor

They revived each other. 


12. Denise & Dwayne

Although not an official couple, it was cute seeing Dwayne in puppy love and chasing Denise around.


11. Kim & Matthew

There was absolutely love between those two. They just weren't able to stand the test of time


10. Kim & Ron 

They were an adorable look, but Kim was too busy for Ron's games. 


9. Whitley & Byron

They were cute, and Whitley was riding hard for Bryon. I hated the fact that there were times when Byron tried to put Whitley in her place. Let's just say, we are happy that Dwayne came and saved the day.


8. Whitley & Julian 

Even though Whitley was chasing Julian, at first, and was willing to lose her virginity to him, we can all agree that Julian is a pompous self-centered jackass. Of course, Whitley was self-centered too, but it is obvious that if Julian wasn't put first in the relationship, it wasn't going to work. They were cute tho.


7. Freddie & Shazza

Two annoying individuals do not apparently make a good couple. If I were Ron, I would have kicked his ass for kissing my girl on Christmas.


6. Jaleesa & Walter

They were horrible together, but damn did they make their relationship look cute. They were 2 sides of a completely different coin, but at the end of the day, you know Walter and Jaleesa always had love for each other.


5. Lena & Dorian

The only time I've ever seen love between a freshman and a sophomore prosper.


4. Kim & Spencer

Spencer is a true example of what happens when persistence pays-off. It also helps that these two were on the same growing level.


3. Freddie & Ron

They were both screwed up in their own way, but in the end, they did make each other better. 


2. Whitley &  Dwayne

Even when they weren't together, their love for each other was always true. I bet you thought they were going to be #1. Well you're wrong. Dwayne and Whitley are ultimately the internet's faves, but there is one couple that beats them out.


1. Mr. Gaines & Velma

Mr. Gaines has given people multiple advice based off of his relationship with his wife Velma. She has been mentioned more than she has been seen, but he continues to drop gems based on their experiences.

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