QC Goes Hollywood

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Will we be seeing Atlanta's QC The Label artists tackling the big screen soon? Recently, Coach K posted on Instagram saying, "It's Film Time" for him and his camp over at QC The Label. It seems as though Coach K and QC have teamed up with Queen Latifah's movie company, Flavor Unit Entertainment.


There is no doubt about it that QC's artists are controlling the rap game, but will they be controlling Hollywood next? Queen Latifah confirmed the news by reposting the photo on her Instagram and DJ Khaled even commented saying, "I heard about this I want in."

The Migos made an appearance on Donald Glover's television show, Atlanta,  in 2016 and Quavo was recently seen on the set of FOX's Star. The Grammy nominated, Lil Yachty was even featured on George Lopez's show, Lopez, earlier this year as well.



With two of QC's biggest stars already getting their feet wet, there is no telling how far they are about to go in Hollywood.

original post - 11.29.17

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