Our Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes

Thanksgiving is a day full of food, laughter, and relaxation. After eating a big meal, the next best thing to do is kick your feet up and turn on your favorite programming. We have compiled a list of our favorite Black Thanksgiving episodes to ease you into the itis. Check out our list below and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Masters of None, "Thanksgiving" - Season 2, Episode 8

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, "Talking Turkey" - Season 1, Episode 12

Living Single, "Thanks For Giving" - Season 2, Episode 12

A Different World, "Faith, Hope, and Charity" - Season 6, Episode 9

One On One, "Thanksgiving It to Me, Baby" - Season1, Episode 11

Martin, "Feast Or Famine" - Season 3, Episode 11

All Of Us, "My Two Dads" - Season 4, Episode 8

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