Our Favorite Goofy Black Girls (TV Edition)

Every group has that one friend that is always going to make them laugh. The goofy one, who knows not to take life too serious. The one who is always trying to show you the bright side of life. That is where our list comes in. Our favorite goofy black girls starring on TV.

Kim Parker

Show: The Parkers

One of her funniest moments included her singing the national anthem at a baseball game, forgetting the words, and continuing to sing while chopping up the end of the song. Talented and funny, Kim Parker takes the cake as one of our favorite goofy Black girls on TV.

Synclaire James-Jones

Show: Living Single

Synclaire James really walked to the beat of her own drum. Between her Troll dolls, and her signature catchphrase, "woo, woo, woo" Synclaire always saw the best in the worst situations possible.

Spirit Jones

Show: One On One

Spirit Jones played the best friend to Breonna and Arnaz. In addition to always being the shoulder to lean on for her two best amigos, she was a fashion designer, and had a style choice that can rival the greatest of the greats. She was quirky, and the go to friend who always told it like it is.

Raven Baxter

Show: That’s So Raven

Raven Baxter lived in her own world. Between her doing outrageous stunts to impress the love of her life, Devon, by dressing up as an animatronic pirate to impress his baby sister, to caring the most about her education by taping her her science report shred by shred after it was demolished. Raven Baxter knows how to go above and beyond to advocate for herself.

Tamera Campbell

Show: Sister, Sister

Tamera Campbell didn't care about the negatives in a situation. If she say a good time, she was down to have it. There was no obstacles stopping her from enjoying herself and making sure everybody else around her did as well.

Lovita Jenkins

Show: The Steve Harvey Show

Lovita was always known to bring a laugh. Whether she was professing her love for Cedric or teaming up with Principal "Boss Lady" Grier, her high pitched voice and antics guaranteed a laugh.

Jay Kyle

Show: My Wife & Kids

There are only so many actresses who can go line for line with Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell is one of them. When Michael was cutting up, Jay never let him win. She was always at his neck, as she should've been.

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