Our Favorite Braided Rappers

Braids have been a huge part of the Black community since the beginning of time. Since Black people's hair is so versatile, there are multiple ways to style them. Whether you are male, female, or anybody in between, you can wear your braids to the back, hanging down, in box braids, plaits, or any other kind of style you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

In the hip-hop community, braids were always a major distinction on how rappers were able to separate themselves from their counterparts. Regardless if they were colored, or accompanied by a distinctive haircut, these artist were able to use the hairstyle to their advantage to separate themselves from the pack. Below, we listed some of our favorite rappers who rock or have rocked braids.

Hood Rich Pablo Juan

Hurricane Chris

Snoop Dogg

A$AP Rocky

Travis Scott

Kriss Kross

Lil Yachty


Da Brat

Pusha T

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