Our Favorite Black Television Halloween Episodes

Halloween is today and many people all over the world are celebrating the national holiday by throwing a party, dressing up, and drinking, but if you are washed, you don't care about going out. You want to sit on the couch and watch television, and your good friends over at The Film Culture are going to help you out. Here are some of our favorite Black television Halloween episodes.

1) That's So Raven, "Don't Have A Cow", Season 2 Episode 2

2) Living Single, "Trick Or Trust", Season 2 Episode 8

3) The Proud Family, "A Hero For Halloween", Season 2 Episode 2

4) The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, "Hex And The Single Guy", Season 4 Episode 7

5) Sister, Sister, "Halloween", Season 3 Episode 7

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