Our Favorite Black Romance Movies

I guess February 14th can be considered a day of love and affection. It's Valentine's Day. The one day where everybody gets all lovey dovey and takes their significant other out on a date, spoils them with candy, and gets them giant teddy bears. Some of us, taken or not, love affection, while the latter would rather spend the day locked away inside far from all of humanity. Wether you're a couple or single, or just chilling like the rest of us, here's a list of movies displaying many forms of Black Love:

Love and Basketball, 2000

Love and Basketball is the quintessential love film. It's more than a movie about romance, it's about going after the passion and love that you have for a dream that you are in constant pursuit of.

Love Jones, 1997

Love Jones is the upside and downside of Black love at its core. When two people want each other, but do not know how to go about it.

Poetic Justice, 1993

Nothing more romantic than seeing Tupac actively pursuing a woman he knows might be out of his league. Watching his pursuit makes you want to go after everything imaginable.

About Last Night, 2014

Valentine's Day, much like your love life, should be full of later, and watching About Last Night will guarantee you that.

The Wood, 1999

Watching Black men reminisce on their adolescent years while actively fighting the perils of adulthood is peak, "I can relate." In the midst of them trying to run from the present, they are able to reflect on the past, how juvenile they were, and focus on growing to be better. If you aren't at least getting your back cracked for V-day, you might as well focus on becoming a better person.

The Best Man, 1999

Morris, Taye, Terrence, Harrold. Nia. Melissa. Monica. Regina. Sanaa.

Deliver Us From Eva, 2003

LL Cool J in the early 2000's is enough to get me to watch anything he's in.

The Brothers, 2001

Seeing four Black men fight to become the best version of themselves? Count me in.

Jason's Lyric, 1994

It's safe to say that you are jealous that Jada Pinkett Smith snatched up all of the fine men on screen in the 90's. You can at least live vicariously through her.

Just Wright, 2010

Who doesn't love to see Queen Latifah fight for the respect she deserves? Wether that's in a relationship or at work.

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