Our Favorite Black Halloween TV Show Episodes

1. Girlfriends, "The Remains of the Date"

Between Toni's date wanting her to have a threesome with a stuffed animal, Jabari having one of his first run ins with the police, and William being handcuffed by the end of this episode, "The Remains of the Date" is without a doubt a much watch episode of Girlfriends and a comedic one to watch on Halloween.

2. One On One, "Phantom Menace"

Nowadays, Flex Alexander playing Michael Jackson is lauded as a hilarious role that social media will never let go, but that wasn't the case in 2001 when this episode aired. Flex Alexander vs. Duane Martin in a battle of who's the better King Of Pop will forever be funny. Plus this episode is full of pranks, tricks, and overzealous teenage hijinks that is for everybody to love.

3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, "Someday Your Prince Will Be In Effect"

Sometimes you don't have to go searching for what's right, because what's right will find you. When Carlton and Will get into a competition over who "gets the girl", Will finds a date that wasn't expected and Carlton's girl is disguised as a kleptomaniac for this star studded episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

4. Martin, "Boo's In The House"

You knew this episode was headed in a wild direction once Martin and Gina agreed to buy a house that they haven't even seen. To which Cole tells them that even HE wouldn't purchase a house that he hasn't even toured.

5. Sister, Sister, "Halloween"

It's one thing being grounded and not being able to go to a party, but it's another thing when you sneak out anyway, and end up in a different country. Tia and Tamera were in a whole nother lane on this episode of Sister, Sister.

6. That's So Raven, "Don't Have A Cow"

One thing about Raven Baxter, she was always gone be in a disguise, and this episode is no different. After mixing together a concoction that he hopes will garner her and Chelsea an invite to Alanna's party, the duo get more than they bargained for.

7. Living Single, "Trick Or Trust"

Wanting your friends to get in the holiday spirit is difficult for many reasons. Whether they do not believe in the ghosts and ghouls that surround Halloween, or are just plain ole party poopers, wanting them to be just as excited about you for the annual pagan holiday is a feat that Synclaire and Overton know too much about.

8. The Proud Family, "A Hero For Halloween"

There is a reason why a large part of the population doesn't want to eat Proud Snacks. They are gross, and disgusting, and in Penny Proud's case give you radioactive superpowers that will allow you to save your entire city on Halloween night.

9. A Different World, "The Little Mister"

One thing A Different World is always going to do, is be topical. In 1992, A Different World combined the joyfulness of Halloween, and the backdrop of the 1992 Presidential Election to bring a message of awareness to viewers and Americans who were watching the country be changed.


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