"Old Town Road" Is No. 1 For Another Week In A Row

"Old Town Road" is the infectious country, hip-hop song that has taken the nation by storm. You can hear it played at any function possible. Your kids might know the lyrics to "Old Town Road" before they know their ABCs. Without judging your priorities when it comes to parenting, it is without a doubt impossible to deny the tenacious melody of "Old Town Road". For the 13th week in a row, it is number one on the Billboard's Hot 100 chart.


It is the only hip-hop song to ever achieve this distinction. The song is also nearing a diamond certification which means it has received 10,000,000 streams. This accolade comes on the tail end of Lil Nas X coming out as gay, on the last day of Pride Month. He let his fans know of the news through a tweet attached with a video that contains the song, "C7osure" featured on his debut EP, 7.

In true Lil Nas fashion, he began trolling fans who started trolling him. Most asking if Nas is really gay, and if "Old Town Road" actually has a secret sexual meaning. Nas cleared up the foolishness by alerting the masses that "Old Town Road" is in fact, "literally about horses."

All in all, we are supportive about Nas' decision to announce his sexuality to the world, and we at The Film Culture will thoroughly continue to support him. You can stream his new EP, 7, on all major platforms.

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