MyCrazyRo, The New Artist to Look Out for this Summer 2020

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Long Beach native, Mycrazyro,is not new to the music scene as he started his career in high school doing freestyle videos and uploading them to social media in

These videos gave Mycrazyro his notoriety throughout the city of Long Beach and solidified his name amongst the youth of the city. 

Later in 2018, He released his first music video for his song “Switched Up” which earned him 3 million views on youtube.

The song is an ode of loyalty describes how he never will fold on his brothers and how he chose a new life for himself that is different from his peers. 

Fast forward two years later, he is now signed to TML (The Music Life), has a major following with 34,000 followers on Instagram, and 15,000 subscribers on Youtube. 

Mycrazyro is an artist you should look out for because he is determined and creative. His new music is unlike other artists out right now. He is not a one-trick pony that has one-flow, he can switch it up but remain true to his original sound which is uncommon amongst new rap artists today. 

Check out his newest song “New Comp”, on youtube right now and share your thoughts down below.

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