Da Real Gee Money (Top left) Young Dolph (top right) Lil JOJO (Bottom left) 2pac (Bottom right)

10. Meek Mill - "Ooh Kill em"

Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean’s control single lead to Meek Mill’s Ooh Kill Em single (Friendly beef). Meek Mill bodied the freestyle.

9. Drake - "Back To Back"

Drake and Meek Mill fell out in 2015 following the release off Meek Mill’s Dreams Worth More than Money album that drake was feature on. Meek Mill called out drake for using a ghostwriter.

8. Chris Brown - "I Don’t Like" (Remix)

Chris brown flamed Drake with his verse on Chief Keef’s "I Don’t Like" remix ft The Game and GOOD Music group. Chris brown and Drake’s beef started with a fight they had in a club where Chris Brown was hit with a bottle.

7. Young Dolphin - "Don’t Play With Me"

Young Dolph dissed Yo Gotti on his album single "Dont Play With Me" released in 2017 in there on going beef , both Memphis natives.

6. Lil JOJO - "BDK 300 (3HUNNAK)"

Lil JOJO dissed the whole 300 with his remix of Chief Keef’s 3hunna single. This fueled the war between 300/ lamron &BDK.

5.Rico Reckless - "Hit Em Up"

Rico reckless dissed every rapper in Chicago on a remix of tupac’s "hit em up" Biggie Smalls diss. The diss was just a joke ,but some rappers took to serious.

4. Da Real Gee Money - "Industry"

In this diss to YoungBoy Gee Money raps lines about Nba Youngboy’s sister and says that 3Three didn’t wanna beef with him.

3. Pusha T - "The Story of Adidon"

The beef between Pusha T and drake Pusha exposed that drake had a son named Adonis. This was just fuel to the Drake and Pusha T/Kayne West beef.

2. 2Pac - "Hit Em Up"

“Fuck 'em, we Bad Boy Killas” Tupac fired back at biggie & Diddy with "Hit Em Up" diss song.

1.The Notorious B.I.G - "Who Shot Ya"

Biggie smalls dissed 2pac with "Who Shot Ya" Theres claims that the song was recored months before 2pac was shot; The song was released shortly after 2pac was shot. Tupac felt that the song was aimed at him.

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