Motivational Moments from Def Comedy Jam 25

We have seen the likes of Mike Epps, Dave Chapelle, and other comics grace our screen for the past 20+ years. Watching Def Comedy Jam 25, now streaming on Netflix, gave us a true perspective into how those individuals were hustling. As an audience, we were able to see them in their youngest, most honest, and rawest form. Here are some of the most inspirational takeaways from Def Jam 25:


1. “If you put God 1st and if you let the Lord order you steps, you will make it. You will make it." - Sheryl Underwood

2. Watching Martin Lawrence go from a host, to having his own show, to starring in movie blockbusters all through the 90’s.

3. “So many of my peers from years ago, we look so goddamn good.” -Adele Givens

4. “You see all these niggas in here that use to be broker than a motherfucker.” - Eddie Griffin


For somebody who is a creative, it may seem like you’re never going to get that break you need to get noticed. It also may seem like it’s never going to happen. But Def Comedy Jam really put into perspective that you can truly accomplish anything you set out to do. For instance, we watched Dave Chapelle go from talking about carrying  a gun as a Domino’s delivery boy, to making $60 million after doing two Netflix specials. Moral of the story, KEEP PUSHING!

original post - 9.29.17

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