Michael Thomas Wins OPOY

Despite yet another failed attempt by the New Orleans Saints to make it to this year's Super Bowl LIV in Miami, there was still plenty to celebrate for the organization and fans, during the Superbowl weekend.

Saints' Star Wide Receiver Michael Thomas had an unbelievable 2019 season. Many would argue that this was one of the best in his 4 year professional career. Thomas not only broke the record for the most receptions by a player through their first four seasons (470), but he now holds the NFL record for the most receptions ever (149).

The success that he has had with the Saints has garnered him the Offensive Player of the Year award presented at the NFL Honors this past weekend.

Further, Thomas is popularly known as a dynamic fireball on and off the field, and if he is targeted it is highly unlikely that the ball is getting past him . Along with the 149 catches from this season, he also had 9 TDs, and an extraordinarily high percentage catch rate of 80.5%.

To celebrate his win, Thomas posted this inspirational post on his social media accounts.

(Image courtesy of Michael Thomas Instagram) :

"My advice for the generation after me would be, have that mamba mentality, be more fearless and set higher goals that seem impossible to the common man. Stay disciplined and know life is going to test you embrace it and don't quit. The marathon continues. #OPOY

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