Michael B. Jordan Gets A New Hairstyle

Michael B. Jordan found one of the most cinematic ways possible to introduce his brand new hairstyle. He his most known for rocking his classic fade, but this time around, he switched it up for some brand new plaits.

Since the corona virus quarantine, Jordan has grown his hair out. Back in June of 2020 at a Black Lives Matter protest, Jordan was seen with a short fro while giving a speech. Four months later, he has since styled his new growth.

On Twitter, Michael B. Jordan captioned the capture of his new style by saying, "Trust the Process 🌳". This isn't Jordan's first time with braids. He dawned them early in his career, and for a few months while shooting Black Panther. He interchanged between braids and locs during the duration of that film.

Check out the video of Michael B. Jordan's new do, below.

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