Living Single Deserved A Better Ending Than It Got

Living Single was upon one of the premiere sitcoms that made up the golden era of Black television in the 90's. Through this show, we were able to see the lives of six Black twenty-somethings as they juggle career, relationships, and friendships all while living in New York City. Living Single was created by Yvette Lee Bowser and premiered on August 22, 1993. After five seasons and one hundred and eighteen episodes, Fox cancelled the series and our favorite sitcom featuring friends living in New York City was no longer.

In the series last episode, Maxine found out she was pregnant with Kyle's baby and broke the news when he came back to the United States from London to spend the holidays with family and friends, Khadijah was still missing Scooter, and Synclaire and Overton were on their way to California so Synclaire can officially live her dream. Regine was not even present. With this being one of the first Black television shows that showed Black people post college, it was important to have a finale that included all of the cast members. We deserved to see Max and Kyle as parents, to see Synclaire finally step into her dreams, Regine marry her million, and we finally deserved to see Khadijah take a break from Flavor Magazine. Living Single, like multiple other Black television shows deserved better.

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