Lil Yachty's "BOOM!' Video Is Boomin'

In early March, Lil Yachty stepped back on the scene with the highly anticipated, Lil Boat 2. After many critics considered Yachty's debut album, Teenage Emotions, a flop, it almost seems as if Boat himself had something to prove. If you are a fan, much like myself, you disregard what they say, and continue to support Boat as he plays around with different musical sounds.


One of the most inciting and well received tracks from Lil Boat 2 includes, BOOM! featuring an assist from Mississippi's own, Ugly God. The BOOM! video was directed by Glassface who received the concept from no one other than Boat himself. The video features a young Ugly God and a baby Boat playing with race cars and action figures. It is reminiscent of Little Bill and Robot Chicken, with a motif inspired by 80's cartoons and arcade games. Do with my example what you will, but the video speaks for itself. Watch BOOM!, directed and edited by Glassface, below.

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