Lil Boat 2, One Year Later

Ever since Lil Yachty entered the rap game in early 2016, he was met with much scrutnity. Wether that was because of his red beaded-hair, his melodic sound, or his general unconcern about 90's hip-hop artist, ogs and rap fans alike found any reason to hate on him.

On March 9, 2016, he released his first debut project, Lil Boat which featured hits such as "One Night" as well as "Minnesota". Through that project, Yachty was able to go on tour and his star began to steadily rise. He featured on D.R.A.M's "Broccoli", which currently, is close to being certified diamond, and then featured on KYLE's "iSPY". He subsequently racked up endorsement deals with Sprite, Target, and Nautica. Despite what his older naysayers might think, Yachty was doing this rap shit right.

May 2017 - it was time for Yachty to release his first official album. In the days of streaming, it might be hard to differentiate between an album and a mixtape but Yachty's "Teenage Emotions" received an official rollout. With all of the success he recieved the year before, many were expecting Teenage Emotions to do fantastically in terms of sales. The project even featured big names like Y.G., Kamaiyah, and even his QC label mates, the Migos. Only 46, 000 albums were sold and streamed.

For the rest of 2017, Yachty barely released any music. He dropped videos that correlated with the album, but other than that, he stayed quiet. In December, he lended his vocals to the QC compilation tape, Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1. From that point on, Yachty went dark. He barely tweeted and wiped his Instagram page clean. Fans were awaiting the highly anticipated project.

In February of 2018, Boat released the album cover and the release date thus marking his entrance back into the social media world. The project Lil Boat was less Yachty and more Boat. For majority of the songs, he dropped his melodic sound and let these niggas know who they were fucking with. He also continued to flex as he is known for. In the intro song, "SELF MADE", Boat raps, "Made it out my mama crib, then bought my moms a crib - Bought myself a chain, left is short, 'cause I ain't Jibbs. She got' let me fuck she like that 'Lil Boat' ad lib". Self explanatory.

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"Teenage Emotions" was full of inspiration and the prccolamation that you can achieve any dream that you set for yourself. "Lil Boat 2" is the realization that once you achieve them, it's time to celebrate yourself and your wins. It's almost synonymous with making it to the NBA finals, and actually winning the whole damn thing. On the day of it's one year anniversary, we celebrate, Lil Boat 2.

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