Let's Leave Non-Black Rappers Saying The N-Word In 2018

Nigga, or the n-word, for those who cannot say it, is a large part of the Black community. Whether it is said in a positive way, or a negative one, it is a large part of how we communicate with one another. Depending on the situation, we can use it positively when referring to a friend or family member or a negative way when referring to friends and family members as well. Depending on tone, we also know when we mean it in a serious way versus a comedic one. We could be talking to our home girl about "This nigga..." and depending on tone and action alone, they will know when we are referring to our significant other or our brother.

Rap music is a Black creation and with it's never ending growth, it's fans become more diverse, as well as it's stars. Rap music has moved throughout the corners of New York City to the beaches in Cali, the bayous of the South, and the trenches of the Mid-West. It has even taken on a foreign likeness with stars coming in from Canada. With all of this regional diversity, comes a diversity in the range of rappers. With their individual popularity rising, it might often be hard to critique such huge and polarizing stars or for the critique to even get back to them. Just recently, rapper Lil Pump was rightfully antagonized after making a racist gesture that went along with a racist lyric. Pump rapped, "They call me Yao Ming/'cause my eyes real low" followed by a "Ching-Chong" ad-lib. Pump has since issued an apology, but what is to be said about culture vultures who enter Black spaces disrespecting Blackness?

Rappers, such as Nav, Tekashi 69, and Lil Pump notoriously use the n-word in their lyrics even though they are not Black. Nav, a Punjabi rapper from Toronto, Canada rapped "Say she want real niggas in the party/Parents gon' leave the keys to the condo" on Travis Scott's 2016 song, "Beibs In The Trap". It is very clear and apparent that Nav, himself, is not of African descent. Notorious internet troll, Tekashi 69 is known for viciously using the n-word in his music. On 69's record, "STOOPID", he raps, "Who the fuck you know, nigga/No, nigga/Niggas killed your cousin, you want smoke, nigga/Glo nigga, rollin' up your cousin in a blunt, nigga." Aggressive. In the Kanye West and Lil Pump collaboration, Pump raps, "And my niggas gettin' ignorant/ Like a lighter bitch we ignant."

Lil Pump's real name is Gazzy Garcia, Tekashi's is Daniel Hernandez, and Nav's is Navraj Goraya. If their government names nor their skin color stop them from using the n-word, then hopefully public disproval will prevent them from vehemently being racist. Their actions fuel the actions of other non-Black people, specifically their fans, to say the word at concerts, festivals, and daily interactions.

Let's leave rappers, who are not Black, saying the n-word in 2018, and be through with it forever.

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