'Just The Two of Us' & The Black Fathers Featured

Will Smith wrote "Just The Two of Us" as an ode to his oldest son, Trey. The song is a beautiful tune explaining the joys and triumphs of fatherhood. Throughout the video, he is walking through a Hollywood soundstage with his son and they are shown playing and having fun on the set. Trey and Will are featured in the video, as well as other father's and their children. While watching the video, you might see some familiar faces.

NBA Superstar, Magic Johnson with son EJ and daughter Elisa. 

Top: Montell Jordan and his daughter.|| Bottom: Babyface and son.

Top: Damon and Kennen Ivory Wayans with their children, Will Smith, and his son Trey. || Middle: Kennen Ivory Wayans with his daughters, Jolie & Nala, and his ex-wife, Daphne. || Bottom: Damon Wayans with his son Michael, and his daughters, Kyla & Cara.

Will and a pregnant Jada with Jaden.

I loved seeing all of the black fatherhood on display in this video. Hit us in the comments with the names of some familiar faces that we may have missed. Happy Father's Day! 

original post - 6.18.17

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