Jerry Lorenzo Shows Love to FAMU With Fear Of God 1 Sample Sneaker

Jerry Lorenzo is known for his signature designs in the world of fashion and streetwear. Recently he teamed up with Nike and dropped the official Fear Of God 1. With this relationship, new ideas are on the horizon between Jerry and Nike.

On Instagram, Jerry teased a probable color way for the Fear Of God 1, inspired by his time at Florida A&M, otherwise known at FAMU. Jerry was inspired to make this shoe because he remembered when he played baseball at the historically Black college, Jerry and his teammates did not have matching shoes to play in, and that they wore whatever they could've afforded.

"...i said if i ever get the opportunity i’m going to make @famuathletics what michicgan and the fab 5 were to me in college or what orgegon is to kids today..." Jerry is using his platform to help continue to elevate the cultural significance of FAMU and HBCUs alike. Check out the Fear Of God 1 sample below.

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