It's So Hard To Say Goodbye: The Carmichael Show

The Carmichael Show premiered on NBC in the summer of 2015. I remembering seeing ads about it on Pandora, but it was not until my mother introduced me to the "Gentrifying Bobby" episode and became a fan. I love how the show was topical, ranging from everything to kale, ex-convicts, porn, Bill Cosby, the n-word, strippers, and many more, but you were able to see every character's point of view. That is one of the things Jerrod Carmichael himself was huge about - the audience seeing everybody's point and how they feel about certain situations, because as in real life, everybody does not think the same. Unfortunately, The Carmichael Show is ending tonight on NBC after three seasons.

Most television shows begin their seasons in the fall and conclude some time during the spring. The Carmichael Show never had that kind of run. Season one premiered in August, concluded in September and had a total of 6 episodes. Season two premiered in March, concluded in May, and consisted of 13 episodes. Season three began in May 2017 and ended in August of that same year totaling 13 episodes as well. David Alan Grier alluded to the fact that the network changing the show's time slot repeatedly was a factor that led to them being cancelled.

The Carmichael Show was revolutionary in the fact that we were able to see a Black family on television in traditional sitcom form having open and honest conversations using their own opinions. As an audience, it is very possible to get aggravated with the character's due to their stance, mainly Jerrod, but the show does it's job - evoke emotions other than laughter and spark conversations.


It is sad that The Carmichael Show has come to an end, mostly due to the fact that they gained many fans once the series hit Netflix. From The Carmichael Show we were able to meet two of (Black) Hollywood's breakout stars,  Tiffany Haddish (Girl's Trip) and Lil Rel Howery (Get Out), see Loretta Devine and David Alan Grier together as the parents we always wanted, experience the beauty and wit of Amber Stevens West, and become introduced to the genius that is Jerrod Carmichael. We wish nothing but the best for the cast and their very successful journeys.


original post - 8.9.17

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