Is Kirby Smart Mark Richt 2.0??

The University of Georgia is known for being one of the college football elites, in the conversation with Clemson, Alabama, and Ohio State for always being in the college football playoff. Every year their defense is tops in the country but their offense is always the question. When will the bulldogs get over the hump and how will they do it? Is Kirby Smart just a better Mark Richt? Will UGA football ever win a national championship under Kirby Smart or will they continue to come up just short? 

After last Saturday’s loss at Alabama against the #2 team in the country University of Georgia fans are starting to ask the question is Kirby Smart is just Mark Richt 2.0.

So let us compare the two and you make that decision. In their first 60 games, it is pretty even. Smart is 47-13, while Richt is 49-11. Richt won 2 SEC championships in his first five years, while in his fifth year Kirby has won only one and still could possible get another one this year. Mark Richt vs Nick Saban at Alabama went 1-4 with the win coming in Nick’s first season as the head football coach. Kirby Smart record against Nick Saban is currently 0-3 with 2 heartbreaking losses. Kirby could get his first win against Nick Saban later in the SEC championship game if both teams win their respective divisions. 

On the recruiting trail is where the comparison pause for a moment. Mark Richt first four recruiting classes weren’t bad but they never finished in the top five, the best was seventh in Richt’s first four years, while Kirby has consistently been within the top three of recruiting classes and once again for the 2021 class will most likely finish in the top three. Kirby Smart recruiting is a big part of why they are always in the National Playoff conversation. Thanks to Mark Richt’s average spot in the recruiting trail was 8th while Kirby Smart’s average is 2nd. 

Is tradition hurting UGA? University of Georgia football tradition is built on the running game and defense just like a typical SEC school, But as the game is evolving and the game is becoming a more pass-happy game you must adjust. Kirby Smart decided to go with Jake Fromm over Jacob Eason a five-star recruit who could make all the throws and was athletic enough. Jake Fromm when relied upon he could not get the job done because he was a game-manger. When Justin Feilds came to UGA much thought that they finally found a QB that would take them to National Champions. In his freshman season, he barely touches the field and after the season he transferred to Ohio St where he has become a top QB in the country, while UGA stuck with Jake Fromm who did not take UGA to National Championship status. This season everyone wanted to see what this new OC would do with Jamie Newman but he opted out due to Covid and now everyone is wanting to see JT Daniels but no one has a clue why he is not playing yet. So insert 4th String QB Stetson Bennett and the results have been good except for the Alabama game where he was forced to beat Bama and threw 3 INTs. Now fans are looking forward to JT Daniels but Smart is sticking to Bennett. After this season fans are excited to see 5-star, Brock Vandergriff, and what he could do in the Bulldogs offense. Hopefully, for Bulldogs fans, he will be the QB that the Bulldogs have missed out on through the years.

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