Is Chris Tucker Going To Be In "Last Friday"?

Friday is the 1995 infectious stoner comedy that started the Friday franchise spawning two additional films releasing in 2000 and 2002. For years, there have been rumors surrounding a final installment of the beloved movie franchise. Many viewers were surprised that Tucker did not revive his role of Smokey, the neighborhood pothead and drug dealer in the second film. Though many believe that Tucker's decision to not be involved in the later Friday movies were because he became a born-again Christian.

While promoting his brand new Netflix stand up special, Only One Mike, there was no way Mike Epps was going to skate past the probing Friday questions. While on Ebro In The Morning, Epps assured listeners that Tucker "made" the first movie, and that if it was not for Tucker, Epps would not have been able to make his introduction as Craig's cousin Day Day. You can watch the rest of Epps' interview below.

Mike Epps stand-up special, Only One Mike is now streaming on Netflix. Fingers crossed Chris Tucker will make a return for Last Friday.

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