Inside The Nike World Headquarters Where Drake & Lil Durk Shot "Laugh Now Cry Laughter"

This past week, Drake released the title of his upcoming album, Certified Lover Boy. This is the Canadian artist's first project release since his May 1st release of his unexpected mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes. "Laugh Now Cry Laughter" is a collaboration with Chicago artist, Lil Durk. For the song's video, Drake and Durk took a trip to Beaverton, Oregon where Nike's World Headquarters is located. The HQ of one of the world's largest brands is 286 acres wide and is home to more than 70 buildings catering to the athletic lifestyle of the company.

In the video, there were several cameos, most of them being Nike athletes such as Kevin Durant, Odell Beckham Jr, Marshawn Lynch, and internet comedian, Druski2Funny.

We decided to break down the specific areas in which the two artists linked up and shot their scenes.

The Sebastian Cole Building


The Sebastian Cole Building served as the opening scene for "Laugh Now Cry Laughter". Drake pulls up to the entrance of the building with his date in an unreleased Mercedes Vision Maybach 6. The building itself is six floors high is totals 475,00 square feet.

Bo Jackson Fitness Center

TVA Architects / "Laugh Now Cry Laughter"

The Bo Jackson Fitness Center is named after the football and baseball All-Star player, Bo Jackson. The basketball court in the fitness center was home to the one vs. one game between the Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant, and Drake.

Nike Company Store

"Laugh Now Cry Laughter" Video

The Nike Company Store is located on the Nike campus and is only available employees and their family friends...that is of course unless you're Drake.

Nike Soccer Field

Academy Sports Turf/@champagnepapi

The Nike Soccer Field served as home to the scene in which Drake played catch with Odell Beckham Jr and got sacked by Marshawn Lynch.

Nike Sports Center

Jonathan Truong/"Laugh Now Cry Later"

In the Nike Sports Center's pool, Drake recreated the iconic 1961 photograph of Muhammad Ali training in a pool underwater. Drake mentioned that the depth of the pool was 8ft deep, unlike Ali.

Watch the video fo "Laugh Now Cry Laughter" below.

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