Insecure Season 2 Premiere

Yeah, I know it happened on Sunday and it is Tuesday, but my jaw is still on the floor from watching the premiere of season 2 of Insecure.

Now if you didn't watch the any of season 1, season 2 catches you up as soon as you begin the episode. In short, Issa cheated on Lawrence, and Lawrence cheated too in retaliation. Season 2 starts out by showing Issa going on dates with niggas that she does not care about. In shirt, she wants that old thing back, and cannot get it.

Season 2, Episode 1 really allows the viewers, old and new to catch up and see where everybody's lives are currently. Lawrence is 'homeless' and still sleeping with Tasha, while Molly realizes that she is getting paid less than her white co-workers, and Issa's after school program isn't really much of a program due to the fact that no children are showing up.

The final moment of Insecure that really had all of Twitter buzzing was the final 30 seconds. Lawrence comes to collect his mail that Issa continues to bug him about. After showing up to the apartment, his goes to the bathroom and tells Issa that he left a few items in there. When he comes out, his gives Issa a good 8 seconds of dry humping and to create more damage, he obviously shoots the club up.

Our predictions? Since Lawrence is obviously allergic to latex due to the fact that he does not use condoms with Tasha or Issa, we predict that he impregnates both of them. Don't ask us how we know, just TRUST that it is going to happen.

Season 2 put you in disbelief. We also have to give credit to the writers for coming up with such amazing content. I mean, just look at Issa as she watches us react to her ruining our lives.

original post - 7.30.17

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