"In Living Color" Created The Modern Day Super Bowl Halftime Show

Updated: Feb 15

Every second Sunday in February, fans of the National Football League can expect to see the greatest teams' in the AFL and NFC respectively face off to receive football's highest honor; a Super Bowl win. If you are not a viewer who watches for football reasons, then you are more than likely waiting for the coveted halftime performance.

"In Living Color" Cast During Live Super Bowl Episode

Since 1993, the NFL has produced a massive Super Bowl halftime show featuring the most popular names in music. But it was not always like that.

The 1992 Super Bowl versus the Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills aired on CBS with a very underwhelming halftime show dedicated to promoting the Winter Olympics set to premiere on NBC later that year. Fox network counter-broadcasted CBS during the halftime show and ran a special live taping of In Living Color. The episode featured some of In Living Color's most popular sketches, "Homeboyz Shopping Network", "Fire Marshall Bill", and "Men On...". Color Me Badd also gave a live performance of their hit-single, "I Wanna Sex You Up". The hijacking brought in between 20-25 million viewers and declined CBS' ratings. The NFL knew that the counter-broadcast would take place, but did not think any thing of it. After reviewing the ratings, the following year, the NFL began hiring popular musical artists, the first being Michael Jackson, to headline the Super Bowl halftime show.

Keenen Ivory Wayans and "The Fly Girls".

Watch the full episode of In Living Color's Super Bowl Halftime Show below.

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