If You Gone Throw A 90's Party, Throw A 90's Party

With a new school year approaching, party promoters are excited to garner a new party audience as well as continue to keep their long held fans. How does one continue to satisfy an audience who has seen the same venues and theme year after year? Try actually sticking to the theme.

One of the fondest and easiest college party themes include celebrating the decades, and the most infamous one of them all -- the 90's. Everybody has seen a 90's party advertised and has been to multiple where you have asked the question, "How many times are they going to play 'This Is How We Do It' by Montell Jordan?"

So if you're going to throw a 90's party this semester, throw a 90's party. Make sure everybody follows the dress code. In 2018, most people don't have clothes from 1991 in their closet. But there are multiple clothing lines remixing and creating different vintage pieces from that era including, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Nautica. If your pockets aren't phat enough for those brands - there's always thrifting.

Play classic 90's songs - and 90's songs only. How do we go from playing Dr. Dre's "'Nuthin' But A G Thang" to Rich The Kid's "Plug Walk". Is "Plug Walk" a great song? Absolutely. Do we want to hear that shit at a 90's party? Hell no.

Dancing.Dancing at parties isn't a dead art form, but it could definitely get better. Sometimes it gets tiring throwing it back, and ladies want to dance face to face. Also, can we get a dance off?

90's parties are an outlet to get people together to celebrate an era of new creativity. But party promoters, you must do better.


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