How many of these Black movies have you seen?

Since Sunday, our post, "How Many of These Black Movies Have You Seen?" has been shared over 300,000 times across all social media platforms by people such as Ebro Darden from HOT 97, actress Reagan Gomez, and even ESPN's own, The Undefeated. The question, How Many of These Black Movies Have You Seen? has been posed and we want to know your answer. Out of the 50 posted below, let us know in the comments, how many you've seen, and which are your favorites.

  1. Boyz N The Hood

  2. Set It Off

  3. New Jack City

  4. Friday

  5. Menace II Society

  6. Juice

  7. Above The Rim

  8. Paid In Full

  9. Do The Right Thing

  10. Poetic Justice

  11. Dead Presidents

  12. Hustle & Flow

  13. Think Like A Man

  14. Waist Deep

  15. ATL

  16. South Central

  17. Friday After Next

  18. The Wood

  19. Jason’s Lyric

  20. Crooklyn

  21. Belly

  22. The Best Man

  23. Love and Basketball

  24. Moonlight

  25. Next Friday

  26. Dope

  27. Girls Trip

  28. Just Another Girl On The I.R.T

  29. Fruitvale Station

  30. Get Out

  31. Bad Boys

  32. Harlem Nights

  33. Scary Movie

  34. Black Panther

  35. A Low Down Dirty Shame

  36. CB4

  37. Think Like A Man Too

  38. Soul Plane

  39. Drumline

  40. White Chicks

  41. Stomp The Yard

  42. Baby Boy

  43. School Daze

  44. Mo Money

  45. Pootie Tang

  46. Scary Movie 2

  47. Love Jones

  48. Bad Boys II

  49. The Best Man Holiday

  50. Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

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