His Legacy Lives On

After announcing that the 2018-2019 NBA Season would be his final season in the NBA, Dwayne Wayne has received great honors and has been publicly acknowledged for all of the great feats that he was able to accomplish during his 16 seasons in the league. Just recently, he was selected as this year's winner of the Magic Johnson Award. This award is given to a player in the league who not only exemplified greatness on the court, but displayed poise in terms of the media and in the public. Therefore, it is even more fitting that he received this award, because of the great humanitarian that he is. From his hard work on the court by winning the NBA Championship 3x and being named an All-Star 13-times, to winning BET's Humanitarian Award in 2013, Wade stood out from the rest of the finalists. Consequently, while it is sad and unfortunate that he retired, his impact on the league is simply undeniable.

photo by: Rhona Wise

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