Happy Memorial Day to Col. Bradford Taylor

Colonel Bradford Taylor is a man of many talents. He is a decorated war hero, a father to Suzanne, Terrence, and Imani, husband to Jaleesa, and a mathematics professor at Hillman College. Eloquently born on "...the 4th of July after a little protracted labor...", in Beaufort, South Carolina, Bradford Taylor represents a true American patriot. He reminds his students to fight for their intelligence as he is a constant reminder that he fought wars and struggled so that his children would not have to.

Col. Bradford Taylor is a confidant to his students, best friend to Mr. Gaines, and poker partner to Walter Oaks. He has worked hard on and off the battle field to insure a successful future for himself and all of those he comes in contact with. His teaching skills are unmatched which includes tactics such as having the entire class pray in a negro spiritual tune to insure that their classmate answers a question correctly. Col. Taylor's personal advice is unmatched as well, whether he's giving a future soldier the truth about war or hashing out relationship advice to his students, his words are always valued.

Happy Memorial Day Colonel Taylor. 🇺🇸✊🏾🎇

original post - 5.29.17

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